This is a piece composed for Bach Musica and performed live

at Trinity Cathedral, Auckland, N.Z. in Aug. 2011. The words

are a poem by N.Z. poet Bill Manhire.

Soli Gloria was also composed for Bach Musica and performed at

Trinity Cathedral in Auckland in May 2012. The piece is dedicated to J.S.Bach.

Under His Wings

Music by Vern Tupper and John Mackay. Words by William O. Cushing. From the theatrical song-cycle "War is an avalanche" by John Mackay

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Here are a few instrumental chamber pieces. The first one is the slow movement from a three movement

piece for clarinet, cello and piano.

This one is the third movement (Presto) from the same piece.

piano sonata #1

This is one of four piano sonatas composed over the past ten years or so. Sonata #1 is in three movements.