Blue Rondo a la Turk. Arranged by John Mackay for the John Mackay trio and Bach Musica. Performed May 2012

solo piano piece composed by John Mackay. Performed at Massey Auditorium in Massey, New Zealand, Oct. 2012.

Mendelssohn--Adieu arranged by John Mackay for the John Mackay Trio and Bach Musica

Composed and arranged by John Mackay. Performed by John Mackay Trio with Bach Musica, Trinity Cathedral, Auckland New Zealand on May 27th 2012

solo piano rendition by John Mackay--live in Wangarei, New Zealand

Chopin Fantasy-impromptu in C# minor

A reharmonized solo piano arrangement of Johnny Mandel's beautiful classic standard. From the album "And I Must" by John Mackay

J.S. Bach Prelude in G major Bk.2 WTC, jazz arrangement by John Mackay. With Olivier Holland on bass. At the Massey Performing Arts Center in Massey New Zealand. Oct. 2012.

John Mackay with Bach Musica. Mackay arrangement of J.S. Bach's Prelude in F minor from Bk.1 of WTC Trinity Church, Auckland NZ May 27, 2012

Chopin Waltz in E flat--John Mackay trio with Bach Musica, Trinity ChurchMay 2012--Auckland New Zealand

Chopin waltz in C# minor