"Astounding creativity...
utterly beautiful"
—The Gulf News
New Zealand
Solo piano---mostly standards, uniquely re-harmonized.

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Buy this CD from CD Baby
Using a jazz trio format, John Mackay interprets the music of Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock.
An eclectic, exhilirating collection of original compositions by John.
Twenty-Four Forays into Classijazz

Buy this CD from CD Baby

Buy this CD from CD Baby
John demostrates his improvisational wizardry on his own pieces as well as on such well known standards as "Bye Bye Blackbird"..
Organoptics is John's latest CD. Featuring him on the Hammond-B3 organ.
Selected as record of the month for March '07 by well-known radio announcer Pete Falico--founder of the Doodlin' Lounge.
A first-class contemporary jazz recording of original compositions with tinges of Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, etc..

Chopin-jazz Fantasy-impromptu in C# minor

December 14, 2008

John was a triple winner in the 2008 Composer’s Guild music composition contest--taking first place in the solo piano category with his 4th piano sonata, first place in the arranger's category for his arrangement of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” for chamber orchestra and first place in the children’s music category. He also took third place in the jazz category for his piece “Shape-shifter #6” for jazz quartet.

“Blue Horse Opus”sound clip


"Mackay's improvisational wizardry".
"No matter the tempo . . . Mackay establishes himself as an excellent pianist". . . .
"As an improviser, Mackay is highly original and energetic".

"This wonderfully expressive session from Novato, California based pianist
John Mackay is evidence that the future of the Jazz piano trio is secure".
"Mackay's challenging Psychotic Dance Moves is a gem,
a fascinating exploration of polyrhythms and group dynamics".

"Shorter and Hancock should be pleased with this new CD dedicated to them".
"If any recording symbolizes the creative spirit of the San Francisco Bay Area
music scene, this is it".

"A nice surprise". "A very pleasing release".
"I've found that it's something I'm coming back to because of the originals by John".

"Mackay exhibits his capacity for getting and holding your attention with his
improvising skills while he gingerly skates over the keys with airy finesse".
"Zerlin on either acoustical or electric bass and Paul Distel on drums
follow the formula established by Mackay by playing with sensitivity behind him".
"Krebs and Aragon replace them on five of the ten selections, which gives the music
an upbeat and walking lift"

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