I Say This

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I Say This

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Track 1. Outshined In The Divine Self-Conscious Light (25:37)

(From Avatar Adi Da's Spoken Instruction of May 28, 2008, in I Am Here)

Track 2. Adi-Guru Adi Da, Love-Ananda Da (10:18)

Track 3. I Say This (22:52)

(Avatar Adi Da’s “Last Word” from The Pneumaton)

Music: John Mackay
All Instruments: John Mackay

Text for Track 1 © 2014 ASA; Text for Track 3 © 2011 ASA. All rights reserved. Used by permission of the copyright owner.

Lead Vocal on Tracks 1 and 3: John Mackay
Vocals on Track 2: John Mackay and Lorraine Barnes
Background Vocals on Track 1: Lorraine Barnes, Pamela Gray, John Mackay

Jacket Design: Tom Frith
Image of Avatar Adi Da used by permission of ASA.

Recorded and mixed at Dawise studio
© 2018 John Mackay